Friday, July 26, 2013

save it for the morning after.

i don't know where to start or end anymore. it is all just boredom and a feeling of lost senses.
so what, i acted insane. i just have too much energy to contain anything anymore. i am "just so damn pretty" i could get myself into all kinds of situations...
but i choose not.
i choose is the main objective. and sooner or later the primal instincts will take over anyway.
maybe it was the spirit animals painting... maybe not.
he didn't quite smell or feel right, but i enjoyed the experience.
supposedly if you are friends this is what happens next... i just always rush to get there.
i don't take the time to get to know him, maybe i can just close my eyes and feel all of it.
why does sex power our being?
what is so special about the connection... i'm glad my true one is making me wait.
it is just a fun but scary mess of an "artistic tornado" coming through for a few..... years.

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