Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sugar beet... Tell me a story.

Unwind my heart strings scramble
Me up to a shaky mess
Of what the fuck do I do now?

I apologize for my absence
Dare I say the thrill is in me leaving
You'll know when I'm gone.

My heart does still skip beats
From across the country
As I hear your voice in my ear.

Covered in your sweaty essence 
My pores try and purge you
From its dirty surface.

Pale is the future with out you
My body squirms alone at night
In a tangle of lonely sheets.

Solitude at last you are granted
That I left you so easily 
With only an innocent kiss.

Dark is the promise that I'll see you again
Days are numbered in time
That you swear you have plenty of.

Don't tell all your secrets kept inside 
A shattered glass of wine
Or whiskey on the hardwood floor.

Blowing smoke rings around this soul
Crazy is the love sick spell
bound to me  ...
Sweet as honey forever more. 

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