Wednesday, July 10, 2013

out of order.

a neutral solid repetitive moment when forward is the only option. i have exceeded that which is the present tense and realize perhaps I'm the one worth chasing. when boredom sets in it makes me jump off bridges. i suppose the "lurking" is what i would prefer when I'm beginning to become over the music. lets not put our life on repeat anymore. i need more and suddenly this tiny island made me feel trapped once again... in a beautiful glass box where nothing is ever different. yet the comfort in the same is what makes you completely mad. too much love? i doubt that is the case.. but a few double takes and lucid dreaming becomes "key".

is there one more

rockstar: being true to ones self and their very nature; living without limitations or restrictions to ones obsessions. freedom. before the world ends?

i believe so.

it's all just nonsense anyway. 

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