Monday, March 3, 2014

____angel olson.

she looked like a blend of two of my favorite people
funny story, they reside in asheville too.

i had high hopes of being able to just converse
with her after the show... like two normal people.

not as though we were far apart or separate from the
exact same cell structure... but as if we were two girls,
just people.

one girl called me a "tranny" tonight,
might have been the best compliment
i've had in quite a while... considering i was
going for a lennon circa 1957 style.

it is style that makes them self conscious
you either have it ... or you don't.

the ego's in the room tonight could've
taken down a lion, but i'm not one to
acknowledge their lack of powerlessness.

her voice had enough power to control
the audience as we stood in awe of her
lyrical genius. i would've rather danced
around... but it wasn't the place, nor time.


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