Saturday, March 8, 2014

      in abundance we are
    given puzzle pieces to
    place and arrange in a
         sort of fashion that
suits the personal agenda.
     others join in to help the displacement
of the "so thought" well groomed routine.
          mixing the colors and opening new
              perspectives to the grand ending.
       others let the corner pieces fall
                to the floor ____ lost until
best case scenario found amongst the
             rubble. soon only the center is
     undone and fittings become few but
             simply placed in perfect position.
       only a few blue but similar shapes
               are there to fill in the last gaps.
                               now you can see what
all the placement was for, all the angles
notches and rivets to create
                       the greater picture of
                          the finished scheme.

                               life as a puzzle.

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