Friday, March 7, 2014

to the heart of the matter.

the stroll downtown was that of a quick idea of just going to run an errand. it turned into a three hour conversation with mark... at the hat store on elm & 4th st. i made an impulse purchase of a lovely black hair with a silk bow. it reminded me of something that would be found in france in the '30s... it was all of twenty dollars which i happen to have... so i spent it. it ended up costing me hours of listening to a fifty year old italian man talk about his life... and his relationship with jesus. something told me that i had met him somewhere, long ago.. before i was here. i brought out a side of him that had to talk to me..
it felt like the stories would never cease to flow so eloquently about all the lessons i needed to acquire for the day. he walked me down the street and told me about the "past days". when fingerprints was a furniture store and the art store across the street was where it was all manufactured. now everything is outsourced. where is our money going? not to our future generations.
i learned of the jews and what it is like to travel to Israel; how if i ever go i have to walk barefoot in the sand... it would be a shame not to feel the energy. i tried my best to absorb and be attentive to all that he  was trying to tell me, my goodness he said that he felt like he had known me for a lifetime.
i suppose he does.

brilliant people are what i am beginning to attract.

one year ago i sat on a plane and sketched an entire idea. in the shapes of patterns and colors of fabric to drape elegantly along the body of a woman. i have everything thing i need, now i just have to apply my skills. irony is appealing.
in a setting of pure heaven on earth, i am elevated above the clouds with a perfect view in the presence of beauty. i want to stay here awhile. thank god i found the perfect hat to wear for the adventure. he has unimaginable plans in store.

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