Friday, March 21, 2014


framing the ideas together like perfectly placed wooden puzzle pieces...

i felt the flood of feelings of once was from the time when i was just a girl. just a little girl with her grandfather in a wood working shop. i will never forget this place. it will forever be a part of my nature.
the loud standing and grinding of the saw... the feel of the power of the tool. i remember all the dust... all the fittings and glue. he created well crafted ideas of toy boxes and rocking horses. i even helped him with the creation of the barbie mansion.
        three floors high the white doll house stood. nine rooms... nine different patters. the fictional point           of the story that was embellished with grandmother's sewing scraps. i would transform into matching bed spreads and curtains. the possibilities were endless in this house... wall paper was carefully chosen for each room. i remember the warm glow of the downstairs kitchen. it had the teal green carpet scrap from mimi's living room and the buttermilk color cream wall covering... tiny flowers scattered about. in the morning i could get the sun to hit just right; it looked like mimi's kitchen.

i beg your pardon but i think i have reached my limit for the thoughts of the day.

the next few will be filled with many, many surprises.
the time is now for my work to be seen
in LA.

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