Tuesday, March 11, 2014

life on the rocks.

after a sun drenched sandy beach trip, i can remember again what i really wanted to be a part of... the familiar face of a loved two blonde surfer girls that i used to see on the east side. being able to just "be" in the arms of a good friend. "we are going places"... yes ma'am we are. it is exactly the scene that i have seen before and hope to see again. laying along the rocky coast line, i will most likely never forget the miles that we walked along the coast. i can't explain the aquamarine clear waves... in awe of all the beauty i have craved all along.

how do you describe beauty?
today. my favorite day, i will forever remember this life and i will be able to make it work. get up early and live for coffee... of course i'll have time for art and fashion... but i love this lifestyle. lets make it work. thank god for my personal "motivational" lover.  she goes by lindsey.

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