Monday, March 31, 2014

que sera.

how fast the days go by without a single word to spare. the time flies quickly now and as another black moon passes our path... we set a plan of money & peace. i say a prayer for my own sake and then move on to others. if some one asks you for your help, then we must use all of our strength and skill to help them. it is in his honor that we receive our gifts and praise him... why would he not save our souls?

is a powerful tool . all that i wanted to achieve today... i placed ever so slightly in my brain and it happened. amazing what being alone can do... eventually you are surrounded with all of your friends. i am so thankful to be becoming into this beautiful web. 

the black magic of the moon left me feeling queazy; perhaps it was the off beat music that made me feel like i was going to melt from a heart attack. i had too many thoughts and i was overwhelmed with my frantic molecules that were bouncing around. thankfully megan could see that i just needed fresh air. we took that moment of hearing each other to realize we have much more in common than i realized and proceeded to have a disco dance party to my favorite set list of funky Egyptian soul music. i felt like i was back again in the luckiest place at mile post 12; the red and black painted walls and a dj who spins vinyl. his taste in music was unheard of, but i knew he knew about the next generation. i am glad that i was able to hear a small taste, it was all so familiar. 

i sit back and can now relax because i am indeed free. i have  father that protects and guides me through all these obstacles. he dropped me in this place of grace with reason. now is the time i step up to the throne. whatever will be, will be. 

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