Sunday, March 2, 2014

films & the rain.

the most romantic of afternoon's i spend with this
dark-haired vixen. transcending through the height
of the day with each other in a weird arrangement
of tables and chairs. we over exaggerate the amount
of coffee we allow ourselves and listen to music loud 
enough to drown out the kids and car alarms. the 
entertainment was that of the rain showers and 
thunder clamors... in between moments of passion
seeping through the floor boards...
the theme of the films was that of a similar thread
in questioning and longing.. for the same sex. feeling
compassion in the moment i began to wonder...
is this the life of? the one i have fallen for. will
we just end up together in a whirl of remembering
our times with tea and your homemade lovely 
lunches; i adore the path that you wander.  you are
enough of a gentlemen to walk me home in the 
rain. down the oceanside coastline we laugh and 
almost have accidents in puddles. i notice the head
line of the paper of a guy running with an umbrella
"be careful" in the name of hurrying around. the
same room greets us and i try to refrain from kissing
you with the substitute of gin and juice. i have the 
urge to chain smoke and drink alcohol after a long
day of films from the 1960s. i am obscure in my ways
and fill us with the poison... but you don't kiss back 
when it is time to leave. the rain continues to fall
drips that have been going on for days... days as the 
world still moves along. now it is our time to move
along. our time together is like a limited supply of air.
                                 or the discontinuation of film.

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