Monday, March 31, 2014

rolling rocks.

in the instance when the ground shakes & quivers under our feet; i am in a crowded bar at a rock n'roll concert. this is well suited to my desires... as i grab hold of the moving cement bar and watch the chandelier sway overhead. i look around and notice those around me more clear, more in a light of we are just humans. we are all similar in most ways... despite our outward impressions. it is chaos that levels humanity, right?

several tremors precede that last only seconds... and then it is over. with a blink we are gone and what is left? what is our legacy? it is the unconventional thoughts that we leave behind. the ones that are interpreted and dissected until the meaning is fulling exhausted by the following generation ... then they can proceed to come up with their own thoughts. the explanation of an abstract story...

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