Monday, May 19, 2014


"you are such a doll..."

admiration doesn't always equal the trust it deserves ...or does it?
to toss this idea in the air is an odd one,
contradicting the over exertion of our physical selves
i can't stop myself.
i have given up control
i always do everything
alone. for good reason
until the most beautiful
world... i have created so
  dark, evil, shattered
can reclaim it's light
and it's joy. too powerful
of a woman is hardly the
scenario, i've been this
way forever, and those
alike will continue to
collect. fondness is the
clue. a light in your eye.

the human hugs are good for the soul.
he is the light.
he is the way.
he grants you
lovers &
friends to hold you in his arms.

oliver explained a german theory... god can't always be everywhere at once, so he created woman. amen.

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