Thursday, May 1, 2014


sometimes i feel i dare not even write his name for if i say that it is true it will so quickly be taken away from me, so i let the will of the world pass the torch. i spoke of it in the metaphor of a twin flame. 
hola, te amo. 
speaking only in poems and riddle and rhymes, too can play this game. "people with momentum " at least the commercial that decided to stop my selection of songs gave me a touch of inspiration. 
relaxation and from the hands of a healer, i am blessed and thankful for this touch.
so dance your heart out little girl, remember the beautiful life you led only so many months ago? you are still her.. less tan, longer hair and much more "lean"; so for the pity party that keeps playing in your brain, well you can bet that everything will be covered in blood to release this sadness and anger inside. 
sing your heart out. 

(expert from 500 days of la) 

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