Monday, May 5, 2014

the outside world.

receiving letters this time from new jersey...
she writes to me in a parallel fashion that i
am oh so fond of. i can see her clearly as if
she was just across the table at tea time. the
small controlled cursive art flows in a sense
that she is at peace in her current trasition.
reminds me of the book she sent. i open the
pages to mark where i have seen before. the
uneven, thick teal marks read aloud ------

    "in a healthy artistic environment, artist are not in competition with each other. unfortunately, healthy artistic environments are about as common as unicorns. we live in a society that encourages competition at demonstrably vicious levels, and sets a hard and accountable yardstick for judging who wins."
art & fear by david bayles and ted orland  chapter VI the outside world. 

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