Saturday, May 17, 2014

note to self. 
enjoy the quiet times. they are short lived. enjoy the breezes and birds, the cloudy days. the calm before the storm.
jump off the edge eventually. free falling & and not a clue of the future. but enjoy the times before. the journey there. plenty of minutes i will soon lose. the days are just numbers in order of … work.
i've skipped the past few days writing…
breaks from commitment are healthy.
time to reevaluate & reconsider.
breaks the thought process. i feel good about my choices this year & i am so very blessed. lots of good work lately. let the debt pay off begin. money is just an object that lets you go. i don't need much. the less the better with materialistic things. "an actual hippie". not one that dresses in those beanies & grungy clothes… actual, ha. "does he really know me"? he hasn't a clue. embrace this alone time to think, to process my own thoughts, without the influence of others. my time. soon i will be surrounded & crazy. full of energy and inspiration. so wild. I CAN DO THIS> IT IS MY PATH. SMILE. friendships. my favorite and most difficult type of relationship. but i am practicing, getting better. 

ali, lindsey, becky & rachel (both) alex & allen. joe (of course) 
some good cookouts and beach time. tis the season. the cold only last for awhile. 
may 18 2012

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