Sunday, May 11, 2014


allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen.

"when i'm with you.. it all just goes away".

tension was building to the point of no return.. so, instead, we sat in a tree and attempted to grasp the last bit of golden chaos that we had...
that we could hold onto.
brisk cold winds keep us from relaxing or even being able to breathe. i ask that he just stay awhile. "you said you would wait". he says to me in his quick, serious voice. atoms that have found their complementary vibration... it's hard to live without. 
laying face to face in the shadows... "i can't do this.." he whispers. but we have been here before. i don't feel the desire quite the same. as we flip pages in our novel, never again to escape backwards to the unknown.

"i didn't mean to fall in love with you"
"life is full of accidents, keeps things... hopeful"

i thank god he has shone me my perfectly imperfect companion. no matter how hard we insist it will be as we expected; quickly. as tightly as we held each other in the street. in a romantic twist of fate, i am in love with this soul. only the most extraordinary ones are part of my... repertoire.

there, you have it. "here>>?" one might obsess. but a promise is promise, not to leave. the saline trails kept releasing themselves in order to understand the break down we all must complete, before any flower is made.
to make the statement, i will be with you forever is a strong one, but one none-the-less important as our sudden persuasion that this is an acceptable scenario. 

to have two loves is a balance of a disproportion in synchronization. to try and describe the parallels of our current complexity wouldn't do "this" justice. taking more time .....

(it is too late for this type of over analytical nonsense, the day was good for me... i'll try this better on paper, with pen)

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