Thursday, May 1, 2014


style is the statement. 

what does yours say about you? about your place in the world? your message to the people? 

"i am trying to make a statement" 

relax and pray. the actions begin to be to be too much. too alarming that i couldn't even understand the spell i have been placed under. 

the adventure? 
one might ask themselves is it worth the trill of upside down? yes... 

i can describe to you in words only the obvious details, others are lost like the wind. as the chimes ring on through the sunny california morning i place my hands amongst the unseen. i can see the light and if it takes my life then so be it. a world is there to support me. 

"just don't leave". not yet anyway. but i begin to sell all the things that meant a thing or two. 

(some will go to ali cat)

knockin' on heavens door 
anywhere but here
where the heart is 

"be sure to say goodbye before you go..." mr. harrison said to me in a dream.

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