Wednesday, June 5, 2013


one hundred and eighty minutes of intense heat & yoga... flowing through the movements in an almost euphoric way that brought me much closer to myself.

i can see what the wave lengths create when you put them out there. i can see what "could be" if you just diligently and patiently work towards your... creator.

i can see that everything will be ok if i would stop focusing on the small things. money... missing out... and my appearance. these anxieties are only temporary.. as the change and fluctuate with the times.

as i have been here before time. i am time.... i am on time, i am out of time... i am almost on time.
i asked god for a man to treat me well. i asked him for a muse. i asked him for a partner to explore with... he has already given me everything i need, now lets see what angel he has in mind for me.

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