Friday, June 28, 2013

mr. harrison

take it slow my dear. sometimes time only allows you just a minute.
an innocent minute to hold hands and remember that indeed he does care.
we sat on the steps of the oceanside bar and had our time.
it was all mine and it seemed as if no one else on the earth existed.
just me & him.
i suppose romance is real and if you just slow down...
you can learn to feel her effects.
its just a matter of time.
our eyes met and we had....
he asked and told me some things i needed to hear.

the tiny bar housed a crowd that will forever live in my mind.
i never wanted the night to end... for some this was their first experience.
i have seen them so many years before that the songs have become embedded in my soul.
"i have a cd for you before you go... it has all the good stuff... and its only going to get better from here". yes... indeed it will. our lives will only get better... and so will our...

i dont know how to slow my heart beat down.
the energy from this boy ...
the leaps and bounds that i will go through.
if only i could hold his hand forever.

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