Wednesday, June 19, 2013

everything will be different when i return.

i have less than a week before i can relieve myself and jump into the atlantic.
i have less than seven days before i can hug my mom... my lindseys...
i have less than eight days before i can dance around to the music that i know
                  with a boy that i know more than you will ever know.

im ready to leave LA behind for awhile. for weeks actually, and get back to where i came from.
to those who made me who i am today.
to those who support me.
to those who love me.
to those who truly want me to succeed.

Los Angeles does not support me.
it takes from me. just like every other "twenty something" that is trying to make it out here.
what they do not understand is...
this world hasn't seen anyone quite like me before.
thats the catch....
the world will tear me apart... and hang me out to dry.
but guess what?

you will never forget me.

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