Monday, June 17, 2013

velvet underground.

after the moment. boredom hits and tantrum strikes; he just happen to fall into my gimmicks. my tricks and spells that are like chaos and glitter after a show. where dance parties have the finest of fancy djs. oh the parties i will throw. i know the band; coordinated the finely detailed show.
i lost a favorite bracelet of mine, but that is just a small fee for the mistake i almost made. well i did make actually. i am not proud of myself and i know that all actions have consequences. i can't play games anymore, its too exhausting. i suppose just a taste is... permit-able.
i talked my usual riddles and nonsense to the boy.
i can still taste him, slightly.
it was good. it was fun. and why yes... don't "they" all have a blue fur coat?

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