Thursday, June 27, 2013

the look on his face when he saw me ... was something i have forever captured in my mind. i didn't know what to expect really. i haven't seen the boy in eight months.

i had a gardenia in my crazy curls... they have grown long and reckless.
i was wearing a long dress from a good friend that i love...
look what the wind blew in.

the music on the pier with all of my past.
all of my loved ones... my herd of unicorns. the prettiest girls you could ever imagine. all the hard work lead me to this. i was able to sit and enjoy the evening. he sang me songs... just like before.

once the music ended he set his eyes on me and fought through the crowd. butterflies scattered throughout my body as he neared. i remember how it felt to be near him... he put his arm around my waist.
"i loved the letters... it was a really cool idea. you have a knack for that... even though i had a hard time reading what you wrote sometimes". guess i'll have to help him decipher them one day when we are old. i hope he keeps them forever.

all of my life lead me to this moment.
it was worth every tear.

the night ended too soon... our embrace was short & sweet. i just have to be patient.
it is all going to fall into place.
thank god.

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