Tuesday, June 4, 2013

boys < men

for the well being of a woman, the choice will be made. without the woman, there is no man.

if i could say it any "simpler" i would. the men of our generation haven't a clue how to love a woman. they do not understand "courting" .. much less respect or even romance. its sad really, the boys we have raised in our country.

in a world where the men used to sacrifice and bring support... where they used to open doors and pay for meals... now they are just spoiled infants that long for a mother like figure to take care of them.
give me more
give me a man who has the courage to stand with me
not beside me, but face to face.
so i can see his eyes and know that we are in this together.
god gave man and woman each other to grace one another.
to teach us the full meaning of his love for us... have you ever wondered the sacrifice that he gave us his only son...
"it all starts with the man.
if we can fix the man, we can fix the family.
if we can fix the family, we can fix the community.
fix the community... fix the nation."

so turn off your video games... they don't mean a thing in the grand scheme of things.

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