Sunday, June 23, 2013


Self-proclaimed pressure.
The push to keep on improving, the ups and downs that stop you from falling short of your desired future. If I wasn't so sure that with the bad comes good... The subtle gesture of having peace and hope in a time of crisis ... I will survive.

The pressure to perform, to succeed, to impress, to justify... To believe. The pressure has become infinite as I sit back and realize that what I was going to do... What I have created in my mind as a original thought... Is already done. I was too late.

The pressure to be on time... I'm always late. I suppose that timing is mixed with fate and it wasn't meant for me to be "there" anyway. Things would move too fast, I am not ready. Only the universe knows when to open doors. I needn't stress over these things...

To tame a wild animal.. All you need is trust. Patience is vital and an understanding for the behavior. Our nation is a at war with ourselves.. We are at war with our own government. The "ones" that are supposed to be looking out for our best interest.. Well, come to find out... They were only looking out for themselves.  Now we are left with over fifty years of contamination that is poisoning our society. Like a slow drip.. Of death. The next few years will be tough. Until our nation becomes aware of the problem.. The unaware niaveity, all of it can change. But until then... The people are sick. I don't think the majority will make it... Population control.

I want the new world to be different. I want it to be less selfish, less self-centered... More love and most of all... For those to have hope again. An everlasting hope that will carry on through the generations to a better world. I don't know if I'll see this in my life... I hope it precedes my children, but I'll make the best of the time I do have here on earth. I'll make the small impressions that will ripple through the ocean. Soon enough we will make waves.

So open your eyes to the chaos we have been placed in.... Otherwise... You are just another faded soul.

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