Friday, January 18, 2013

Conscious mind.

What we think we process. My coffee shop adventures have proven well the past two days. I met a lovely gentleman this afternoon. George. His is three times my life ... He has seen. He is wise. He graced me with words I needed to hear. Beautiful and intelligent. "You should take advantage and go back to school. Education opens all doors". I will soon invest some time into the thought. I'm not to say I'm opposed. 

The door opened at home, a new salon to be a part of. Four chairs... I get one. It is near the comfort that is my past. The corner of eckner and the ocean road. Across from the sea... a simple oasis. I gushed about my home sickness... When really I am very happy here. I'm very thankful, very warm. Home is only a flight away. The choice now is how much, and when? 

I have such belief that my world will be as I please... It will manifest itself. I have much to prepare for... this day is mine. The wisdom, the joy and the peace. Good day. 

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