Friday, January 18, 2013

Smoke gets in your eyes.

The part that is your present movement. The one matter of fact because it is real. All the acting and creating can't even compete with what has happened and what is happening. I am thankful for my time with my best friend and sister today. The days go on as I discover that continueness that is my life. W were there together so we remember. The same. 

 He was the soundtrack to my summers on the beach. The island world that is who I still am... He was the music behind my story. "I am the modern day June Carter". He asked if I liked Johnny Cash. I'll save this world with my grace.   

Coconut flesh. Sleeping alone. The comfort of the still.. quality moments of myself. Lets me be separate and hear my thoughts. As we grow old, I stop and think about who matters. He matters. Really they both do... In a way that I remember dreaming about. I set the scene already. I know the spots, how did i see this?

Here's my number.. Don't bother calling. I'm going to need you to be more creative than that.

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