Saturday, January 5, 2013

Just imagine.

The type you fall in love with. The stunning view. "The new girl"... Our town is quite the same, except my best friend lives on this end. Slow the pace to make it work. Withering away all my things. Listening to "these days" by the black keys. The devil he listens well... Once you go that way. Hearing the crash of the ocean; I could get some good writing done. A group of people that notice if I'm around, if I just happen to not come home.
I can envision it now. Reassures me that first "dates" do indeed come along and sweep you off your feet. Natural selection. The universe places you together for a reason.

Last night was interesting. It was an event that I thought I wanted to attend, come to find out... It was boring. All the boys the same... And the ones that wear that "famous" clothing... Well they are not at all famous. Quite the opposite really... Poor kids posing as fakes. I'm not impressed with this anymore. All the potential is now gone... If you don't do something before you are twenty five, well you wasted a few years. That's all.

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