Thursday, January 17, 2013

The balance of a new day.

Last nights dream put me back in place. Set me up on the shelf for later, no matter the effort I put in... I couldn't change the outcome. I tried and tried by busying myself and cooking, making a scene, but he still paid me no mind. 

That is how life checks itself. The up and down. The excitement of all the good things wouldn't feel good if that is what always happened. How would we know the difference? How would we know what pain and sorrow felt like... If we always smiled. I like happiness to the point that it hurts... Because you never want it to end.

I sit at an old table that resembles a medieval setting, stained glass windows and a mocha latte. The library, where I sit and think. Recognizing the Kinks for the first time here, only a few weeks and I already have memories.  

The more choices you have... You never develop a relationship with any one thing.. Not your apartment, not your job... Most defiantly not the people, they are moving faster away from you than you can realize. 
The "things" are a filter ... The natural world just goes about its business... Occasionally things happen... So we filter it full of nonsense. Entertainment.

You have to actually feel the balance, realize the balance... Then you can begin to return there... Set your vision there. You can retrieve it. Sometimes.

The 'high up' people get it.. They can afford to get it. It all starts in the very beginning. The foundation work is what makes or breaks a building. Out west there are chances for earthquakes, quick sudden jolts that startle. At least back east we can almost prepare for a hurricane. The lives of people here and there are very similar. No foundation work out west... with an exception of a select few.  

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