Friday, January 11, 2013

"Harry, my dream is a code waiting to be broken. Break the code, solve the crime." -twin peaks 

Funny, this day was a pleasure. I loved every second. But really... There is no place like home. "From Carolina". I talk to friends more often now. More often than ever before... People actually 'think' about me? 

I think about others constantly... So many different people. But still I feel like I'm missing something. But what? I'm missing people. Not a place. All new land... So many people, but who are they to me? I came here to be something that I dreamed about. Now I am her... 

The arrows fly in all directions. I feel like I'm doing the right thing. Please let the pain subside around me.. Let me let go of the fear and relax. I am victim this time.. Vulnerable, but that is what makes me relatable. I hope. 
We thought about luna reflection... Thoughts to ourselves. I found my peace again. Realigned to the fashion of my veins ... The being that I am.

To touch each person like you care. That is the secret. It takes a certain energy to allow that touch. You can't teach it, it is  learned over time by oneself. You will not understand it unless you have it. If you have it you get scared and give it to no one. If no one gets it... There will be no more. 

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