Sunday, February 17, 2013

darjeeling. limited.

we watched the darjeeling limited. a strange movie that reminded me of making movies when i was a child. i wrote them, did all the costume, hair and makeup and filming.. editing. in the early nineties. so silly. life must just be a series of metaphors. some times we can see them. other times our feelings get in the way. 
growing so fast. i've learned to move a lot. to tell a story and to let go. keep moving lightly, else you can't move fast enough. there is just too much to take in. i was so thankful to get into the new area. its like a different place now. i have a much better view. the corner on the loft. a spot that is pushed aside and a secret. i just can't be seen too much. its like a magic show sometimes. you have to step out of the picture for others to realize you are… missing.  

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