Friday, February 1, 2013

foundation. witches. x2

they just keep repeating themselves. hearing everything ringing around two or three times will make you take notice. its like he doesn't want me to miss the signs. that clue. where in the world is carmen san deigo? i have no idea, but i remember the show. i just can't understand what is happening. i am afraid i have pushed open a gate that i don't believe i want to explore quite yet. he said that i had power beyond belief. its all in the eyes. i can cast spells... and heaven forbid anyone try and harm me. they would drop dead in their tracks. thank the angels. i am one.

i can't keep this life hidden anymore. now i need to prepare for the next step... its one that leads to several different places. i don't know where to begin. i knew i needed to be here... called here?

so i scribble around with dr. seuss and i can't even comprehend my infatuation. why does it take love to drive me towards my dreams. it takes lots of pain and hard work. making a life somewhere so far away that it is impossible to ever see him. to challenge myself that much more
        but now i know for a fact that i need him to touch me. i need intimacy and that feeing of skin on me. i wonder if he craves it too. its like salty chocolate...
                                                                   i could eat it everyday.
                    i'll try not to cry, but the release will feel good. ....."and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh". galatians 5:16
                                 but instead walk with the spirit so that you can do the things ye would. i still can't understand how this happened. but i am in awe and oh so blessed. thank you.

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