Friday, February 1, 2013

Once you leave ... Then you return.

That is when all the answers come out. That is when you realize what you mean.... To others. It gives them time to process what they enjoyed about your company... And what they miss. 
     Every thing is working out perfectly. I'll miss these shows, it's nothing I haven't seen before. He'll be brand new though. He is every time I see him. That's what I love. 
I am new now. The first day of the month of love. This is where I am now. The songs reflect my feelings. Bless me with the means to pursue this dream. This mission. I've yet to figure it all out... 
      The exes have been appearing lately. I need to remember that the physical part is done with. They remain only a lesson and friend. The intimacy is gone. I'm waiting. I'm serious now. The pain that sex feels now with those who don't love me, it's too much now. I'm too much... 

Reflecting on the past, before I was even roaming as a human body... In sound city sunny California, legends were making music that last forever. Nothing is forever but a melody. I'm too distracted by the show to actually stop and listen. So now I'll calm myself and just sit still, and listen. They were making raw thick sounds on a Neve 8028. The piece was priceless but it was difficult to produce. The entire set had to be perfect. Over and over and over again, until you don't think you can push anymore. You got it. 
I felt that last night, when I had to give into the pain... I wondered,  "would it kill me?" No. Simple. But yoga is not torture, it's training. Now many things won't hurt as bad, my body has been shown what repetitive pain feels like. 

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