Tuesday, February 19, 2013


my life is a poem. the level of creativity that 
i am about to become
exposed to is going to be
my plea. my prayer.

i need that natural medicine.
the taste of another
soul. the perfect dose of
human flesh
leaning against me.
pushing me forward
and holding me still
so i can feel again.
a HEART beat.
can we still be who we were 
who we are.
who we were when i met you
that day. you don't remember
the beginning. the fact that you
were the creator  of the love 
soundtrack of my summer.
the reason i danced. NOTHING 
will ever change the fact that 
harry harrison sang to
me for two years. sometimes
four times a week. our
close encounters "he's just
a crush". does he even know? 
I have no idea. he doesn't have time. 

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