Wednesday, February 27, 2013

there is hope for us. i have no business trying to save the world. that amount of power is relentless and exhausting. seeing the visions & feeling the overwhelming urge to make changes & inspire is killing me inside. i just need a means of a living. i am living out a dream... but i've reached the end of this chapter?
             lying on the couch about to fall asleep in & out of consciousness is what gets me in my head. i feel like none of this is real and i can just stop & stay here again. but i have to leave soon. traveling towards some truer self. i wont be seeing him this time. its just not in the cards. i am losing the sense of feeling with him.. but i can hear his voice in my head. aches that bring me to my knees.. begging & crying for the lost souls...subliminal messages from heaven. 

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