Friday, February 15, 2013

Psalms & Proverbs . Ancient love poems

To continue on my way... studies of scripture. Instead of fasting, I've decided to indulge... In the words and poems of the past. Spoken best from a muse and good friend "you've already liberated yourself just to be here".
So I need to add some ingredients to stay... Focused.

I love poetry. I love the sounds of dancing words and hopeful promises from god.

But the stillness is becoming eerie, I can feel too much here. I can read energy... Because I am free now. I need a moment to dive back into my reality. Last nights dinner with my love reminded me of home. Utopia was the best adjective to describe... Our food was prepared with thought, with love... The sound of the piano, the colors and historic relations settled my nerves...

And now I have what I had asked for.. Funny we finish each others sentences. I wrote him a letter last night, he hasn't a clue. But he spoke to me early this morning ... "I need a muse, so you can't go back east quite yet". My thoughts... And words exactly.

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