Tuesday, February 4, 2014


"they like to keep us guessing" -- moses

it was a constant theme along the night. with a touch of mystery you can see things in a different manner. of discussion kept us from seeing the music... in a church in LA. an all girl surf rock band that eerrily reminded me of home... zack mexico style. it was a bliss to see the social gathering in this small venue. rented out in order to collect funds...truly we are all "going out of business".
the last few seconds were enough to capture the feeling i was looking for; the lights come on and it is time for the next show... the afterpart. i took advantage of the style observation... those around us took much time to "look" the way they do... might as well absorb their inspiration. some glittery shoes introduced us to burger records... off to footsies we go. the dark, smokey atmosphere reminded me of another place and time. i don't feel the need to elaborate.... the red & black theme resurfaces. nude victorian portraits line the walls in a desperate air of attention. i entertained my anxiety with whiskey & water... questioned through out the night about sir sierra and his role in my existence... well i suppose we will all have to wait and see.

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