Monday, February 17, 2014

vladimir the great.

on a wall lined with plastic containers... the display of iridescent scales flowed about the puddles of water. the crimson and royal blue half moon tail males danced and spread their fins in a show of attention... while others stayed very still. each with their own personal pattern and swirls. it was hard to focus and decide on whether or not to choose...

the red to fade like aqua teal to the end of his tail. the unique features are a first a bit brash, then you stop and realize that he is quite stunning. the attention to detail is why i couldn't step away. i set him down, he danced around... giving me flashes of his colors, the reflection of the pet shop's florescent bulbs bounced his mermaid like essence around.

the name comes to mind instantly, yet i am still unsure of the origin. the question of putin arrises, but i am certain that this does not fit. the evening passes and he travels well with me in a wine glass that is absolutely half full. his energy is active as he blows me kisses from under the glass bubble of clear liquid. after research makes it certain that he is indeed... "great".

the russian ruler of 980; he was a very indulgent leader flooded with sin and pagan beliefs... but suffers a life altering moment of truth and came to God through Jesus Christ. he then began his life work of converting those around him... to feel the ease and loving forgiveness through Christ. sending his twelve sons to witness a world that would ultimately turn against them.

the famed words of this blessing in disguise..."drinking is the joy of all Rus'. we can not exist without that pleasure"... while the outer persons' saw in and were unable to tell the difference of being in heaven or on earth.

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