Sunday, February 23, 2014

deep sea diving.

the backdrop was inside the aquarium of the pacific... in the underworld of an idea of the future. the day was frantic; my feelings were hurt by someone i thought cared enough to just be happy for my success. the fear is subsiding and i am thrilled with a chance to interact with people in a way that provokes thought & inspiration.

now for focusing on the future. i am too creative and full of life to be trapped in such a misery as the world we live in... this side always exaggerates the actual, yes... i understand this, but my GOD! we do not need any of these things and the sad and vacant looks on people's faces... well i can not stand for this either. why is it that we have become so numb to human interaction?

i am thankful the sir.sierra decided to fuel my flame... throughout the day we were as one. i hope to never forget the afternoon's colors & breeze & all the music... the coffee... the kisses and the lack of a lighter. puts your mind to work on the other options. i believe that i am so madly infatuated with the idea of a gypsy life with this boy that i am not sure the wind can move me quite yet.
later our night was dark and clouded with substance abuse in a way that we like it best.. together. perfect timing equals the celebration of a life achievement that i will have with me, forever. the all black attire fit perfectly in a world of demons, except i see only angels. blessings lay my lover beside me in an innocent tangle of our fire.

feeling the exposure of the day i could see things would be different from now on. no longer do i have to waste my time with the original place of work. this takes me back to the day when i first began this journey with the loft on broadway and the owner wanted to hire me... but told me "good luck" and that she was worried for me. maybe i should've taken that as a warning... but either way, i met all the loves of my life from being there. and that is the end.

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