Thursday, February 13, 2014


frankly i can not describe the essence of comfort that i felt from the scene. dark shadows and stillness of  the night, the glow of the orange decoration through the window... i had to pause. why is this so familiar? yes, i have been here before. i should relax and let myself just fall ... fall in love.

the vibrations of our voice throughout the morning... we just like to lay in bed all day and hear each say the most delicate sentences in each other's ears...neck...shoulders...back. in my mind i created still pictures, cropped and placed catalogued to hopefully recall for future work. unfortunately most artist forget... i feel oh so forgetful just explaining this scenario of life to you right now!

i couldn't help but want to hold this body close to mine absurdly tight... as if to capture a feeling. a feeling that could last longer than what we were given.  it is all that i can do to separate myself from him. i just want us to be as one. to slide my hands along all the moisture of his body... our bodies, as we strive to "work out the science".

practicing habits that could potentially become the existence of what i perceive to be ... "love".

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