Thursday, February 6, 2014

pennies from heaven.

small copper bits falling from the ... ceiling. around you lies the ring of shattered change and one must take it all in then collect them... in any given order.

dreamland. the recent theme is that of "being told what to do... and when to leave." this is the stubborn side of me fighting for what i think i need, i suppose. enough analyzing... the night before i was being told to not want musicians... as they are not what i need. i ran into an old school days boyfriend... sitting on the couch with his fiancé. she went on to explain some weird trick about to remember someone's name by tapping your wrists together. i felt like i was being followed by many people and i just wanted to be left to my "own" devices. particularly i want to be left alone... with an exception of a few men.
last night... i remember that the "spin pin" was a topic of conversation, someone asked me if they could buy it and i wasn't prepared. i also felt the feeling of being rushed to leave and i wasn't ready. i started to tear up while telling one of the wregglesworth brothers about how i needed to stay longer to see my family because i lived so far away. everyone is the actual person but sometimes they appear to be the older version....much older. we were in the woods at a camp ground like atmosphere that is separate from anywhere i have been... the tills are playing near by that night. i had a lingering feeling that i didn't  want to stay and wait, i guess i knew that it was best to leave.        i want to recollect more... but thats all the change i need.

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