Tuesday, February 11, 2014


"now i kinda want to die... and that is the truest way to know that i am alive." -la luz

lalalala these girls oh do they sing to me. reminding me of the boys at home. zack mexico transcended to me in the shape of tall lanky lovelies. sing to me girl. oohhh ohh ohhhh. i read his lines of letters over and over again. i guess i am "cooler" than i seem to realize. stop... nothing is me. i am him... jesus. "who is it that they want?" "jesus". well... we are only human.

to the rules that we have bound ourselves inside. now is the time to exit the ropes and squares and step outside of the box that this... parallel to what we all want. several lives and personalities that coincide with what lies deep inside. so much so... that we can see the common thread that bound us... together.

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