Sunday, February 16, 2014

plastic. air. puff.

for one entire year i managed to tumble & toss my way through several of these "temporary" sleep options.  one in particular stayed around the longest... broken down over the past four hundred days, i lost count and many hours laying too low to the ground. you tend to become ... sleepy. now the comfort of my sleep should improve the securtiy of my day...

morning began early and allowed for time to learn. i spent the morning with a lovely soul on the couch, she was gentle and stubborn, but someone worth collecting wisdom from... this is going to be the building where everything happens. one year ago i was already there, with sarah. she paved the way for many strings; tying little knots of thread throughout the land in order to make a vibration later.

beauty. what is this "feature"? we'll discuss that later.

... excuse me while i am off to dowtown LA.

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