Sunday, February 9, 2014

in a misdemeanor of all devices... i guess i exaggerated the truth. in my usual manner of self amusement, creating a social experiment to occupy the time.

was it selfish to only discuss with my inner elite... or do i have it all wrong.
the ones that i wouldn't "usually" talk with.. those are who need to hear a thing.
the exact words... i astonish others with, well i won't remember a thing. i didn't say them.
i felt them & meant them... but i didn't Create them. i just said them.

the tour of bars of LA. all of which were so dark and black reds and lanterns. the glass fixtures with character... does anyone notice?
are we all on the same cycle.

separated by one degree of separation.
paz, from the entrance band... now a part of the pixies.
a friend of a friend.
white lies tell the truth.

two lives left us today... close enough for me to feel them leave.
the selfish act of controlling your death. if that is what you wish.
i have relinquished control... and that is the best decision i have
made in a long, long time.

and for the record. i know grammar very well.

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