Wednesday, February 19, 2014


putting yourself out there. my entire being is "on the rocks". the three of us are a good crowd... moses is a whirl pool of being that i want to be around. sitting amongst the rats and zombies... drinking a beer and admiring the coastline. the skyline of this city is beautiful looking in... peering through the tiny tactful hints giving me just a moments worth of hope.

rock bottom. how low can you go? hope comes when you are in the darkest time... i feel like i have given up control. i have released control. it is not mine to control. it is not mine.

under the moon we exchanged sentences and words that i hardly want to recall.. all i know is that we have fallen into each other's spell... playing tricks with each other... the look in his eye tells all.
                                                 "you are in love with me".
     we made "THIS" love... we did this together. now what? NOW WHAT?

we fuck on the bathroom floor for a thrill. simply because someone was in the other room.. fulfilling the voids and obstacles that stop us from releasing the good feelings. words. words. words. words. forgotten.

"did you do this? the composition is well done for having no formal training... i'm impressed" says moses. i take this with a flutter... he knows a thing or two about art. i would love to see his work... soon. descriptive elements.... making an impression. we make impressions.

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