Saturday, February 8, 2014


in the early morning light
i catch the train alone
on this early morning ride
he catches me smile
he must of been reminded
of something else so
dear to him.  soon we began
to talk about.... if my smile
matched my eyes. hidden
behind the bright orange
deflection of his mirrored
reflection. something must
of reminded me of some one
i loved so dearly... as i told
him a story. take a listen to
this sound he shared in my
ear. the rhythm was of good
taste and i could relate to his
words. back and forth we
exchanged things that i might
not have said... had the topic
of music not aroused my
attention. he said out loud
what i have always said in my
brain. as a true artist you have
to do everything. you have to
study enough to know all the
parts... to create the entire
work of art. being in a band is a
tough act to follow, but what
more could i want other than
to make love with a sound. to
travel the world and discover
my hidden... he said he likes
to plant seeds and watch them
grow into a star. i am curious as
to what He has in store for me,
but one day at a time... i am
glad i was running late for the
train so i could meet mister
james matthews.

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