Friday, February 21, 2014

game of chess.

check mate. the grand closing of an opening event... it was all a scene from a future ending show. the exciting exit of a new idea. where too next?

woken this morning by the convenience of a connected cell that asked me ... yoga at the park? miss ali cat was questioning... and i was over sleeping. this is the beauty of her; she suddenly is there. to a place where i began this journey. trust. relevance. faith & love.

i pray until i put myself to sleep. asking and hoping that i can continue on my connected path. i see a clear vision now and i understand that this adventure is one that i have solely built & holding onto something is the upside equation to my outcome.

please, i beg that the sin doesn't take over. what is right? when it comes to excessive... pleasure in the plausible future gave me a chance at hope in knowing that i would be able to conquer all struggles. i have released my soul to the connector of us... lead me not into temptation.

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