Wednesday, April 9, 2014

catch & release.

theme of the last few days have been that of a good one.
i have realized that i need NEED need NEED to continue
writing. God has placed certain people in my life because
they are to be written about. honestly... witnessing this is
life is worth being written about.

shall i say it? she is a blessing that was placed so carefully..
delicately... in the perfect place in my life. she took the time
to care and compliment my cat-eyes. i take pride in these
wild eyes and their noticeably intense attraction and curiosity.

the world of beauty is a fine one and i am so blessed as to
have been born into this image. each movement leading
to the next in a sense of fashion that i can not do it alone.
with the help from all the women and their support.

"don't be afraid to ask" said daniel. his way of side ways
look does tell me that this is true. the spoken words caused
a mound of tears balanced themselves just on the edge of
my lids... the emotions are causing actual internal pain...
and the loss of body mass makes me walk faster, i have
a significantly less amount of weight to carry around.

how do i commit more?
how do i connect to more?
how do i impact more?

just smile. keep smiling. the inconsistency is what makes
it worth the ride. so it comes... so it goes.

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