Wednesday, April 23, 2014


we found a place to enjoy the world... our wild lives placed in between the constant movement and steady stillness. i wasn't sure where were were headed, but i knew that we would find a place together. it is a freeing feeling to just go....

the pavement was our playground and only the setting sun was how we kept time. it all reality, i would've kept going... but i just had to stop and see what this happening of a place mark was.

it was ours for a period of time.  just sitting in the middle.  the busiest and most peaceful
searching for clarity.   amongst all the clutter.   all the noise.    white noise shifting all the while we
are together.

he needs his voice, i hear it as the song of my life. he yells it out into the glassy water, the wind shifts and creates night ripples... resembles symbols in the intertwined position we access in the night. i need my voice as well... searching for her in midst of all the insecurity of my current feeling. i want to cry out, singing as if all the angels would as well.

sing child, sing.

severed was the word i used to describe my last passion. he wonders of these things too... what is my relation? my friend. only a few instances long ago, i remember our time, but it is there and will be all along... my purpose is just as great. god granted me a lover... soon i'll be ready for a voice.


what will  be our legacy?    

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