Saturday, April 19, 2014

wild nothing.

he died for us.

so i could have the most stunningly gorgeous life.

i am not interested in any one else ... intimacy is not what i seek.

an actual embrace. something real. something worth a damn.

consistency is the key to happiness.
i talk with fuller this morning and she makes it all makes sense.

"before the seed can grow it must be buried in the ground, decomposing until it soon emerges from the ground as a shining tree of life."

reclaiming my joy
because he was
crucified for my sins.
all the lust, the anger,
the grief, the pain
i must release it.

i held all of my beautiful men today, and i even enticed a few more.
what is it that they love and adore so much?

how clear shall i polish this glass.

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