Sunday, April 20, 2014


in the name of the only
ghost i drink the blood
of you in honor of the
life i shall live. in the
name of the son, the
father and holy spirit.

wish upon a star. fuller and i discuss our past & future. she is a life line, oh how i love her so. if i could only blink her into my present realm.. soon enough. listening to the local sounds, chords produce a parallel pattern and i am reassured that i am in the right place.

on the tour of our lives as social behaviors entertain our ideas. we visit the prominent place of drinking in a small town to capture the feel... and promote the band. we are as relevant as they come... and go. speaking the truth and ultimately vandalizing your perception... to realize a new feeling. thoughtsssss are the mystery of existence.

do not let this chance pass you by.

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